Horse Shows

Our show team travels to shows at least once a month. These range from local jumper shows to out of state USEA rated events. Coaching is available to all students. If there is a show not on the schedule that someone would like to go to, please contact Sarah directly to see if it can be fit in.

Sarah is available to train your horse locally in West Milford or at away shows.

Coaching Fees

Horse Trials $75
Jumper Show $75.00 per rider

Trailering Fees

Hook up Fee $50
One Horse $2.00 per mile
Two Horses $1.00 per mile, per horse

Show Schedule 2017

4/9/17: Schooling Dressage at USET
4/15/17: XC Schooling
4/23/17: Jump For Jersey Eventing Derby
4/28/17: Friday evening eventing
5/3/17: USDF Recognized at Blue Moon Dressage
5/6/17: Schooling Dressage at Carousel Farm
5/10-5/14/17: Jersey Fresh! 
5/21/17: USEA Recognized at Kent 
5/24/17: Schooling Dressage and CT at Applewood
5/28/17: USEA Recognized HT at Flora Lea
5/28/17: Burgundy Hollow HT/CT/Dressage
6/3/17: Schooling Dressage at Carosel Farms
6/4/17: Schooling HT at HPNJ
6/9-6/11/17: WHH Dressage Show
6/18/17: USEA Recognized HT at BCHP
6/21/17: Dressage at CT at Applewood
6/24-6/25/17: USEA Recognized at Essex
7/1 - 7/2/17: Recognized HT at HPNJ
7/7-7/9/17: Recognized Dressage at HPNJ
7/21-7/23/17: WHH Dressage Show
7/22-7/23: USEA Recognized at Fitches Corner
7/28 - 7/30/17: Recognized HT at HPNJ
8/19/17: Applewood Farm Mini Event
9/1-9/3/17: WHH Dressage Show